Project FINE organizes a "BoF" session
in Anaheim, during Siggraph 2013

Project FINE has been present at Siggraph 2013 in
Anaheim, CA, with a Birds of a Feather session and at the
Exhibition, in Web3D's Consortium booth.
Members of Project FINE have been showing results of the
project after completing the research phase, and
answered the questions raised by the attendants.

Siggraph2013 Dissemination


Project FINE gets a
"What caught my eye" in IBC 2012

Project FINE has been present in IBC's 2012 Future Zone
and received the always wished plate 'What caught my eye'
in the Convergence category.
Members of Project FINE have been showing in public for
the 1st time in Europe the preliminary results of the project
after two years of work, and the feedback from all the
visitors has been spectacular.

IBC2012 Dissemination


Broadcast publications are
spreading the word

Project FINE is showing the first results to the world.
NAB, Siggraph and IBC, have been the first shows where professionals and the general public have been able to see the results in person.
To reach the most of the people, a new YouTube channel has been set-up, and future results will be published there.
Growth in visits to the web is on its way, as well as the social network pages of the project in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Project FINE Dissemination


Football star Andrés Iniesta
gives support to Project FINE

Project FINE has got support from FC Barcelona and Spanish national team football player Andrés Iniesta.
We also got permission of FC Barcelona and Real Racing de Santander to be able to show their respective T-shirts in order to help promote the research project.

Mediapro Dissemination


Swedish website interviews
Markus Friedl from KTH

Project FINE has been referenced in an interview about advanced TV for the Swedish website NYTeknik.
KTH has published the interview in the official website of the University.

KTH Dissemination


Peter Schickel of BitManagement at MTV’s
51.Regulars’ Table of Enterpreneurs

Prominent Jens Lehmann, Germany’s former national soccer team goal keeper and the legendary football sports commentator Harry Valerien appeared August 26, 2010 at the special event in Berg at the Starnberg lake near Munich.
The sports club MTV Berg had asked for joining the 51. event of the regulars’ table of entrepreneurs with the topic to present the European funded Project FINE.

BitManagement Dissemination